Custom Miniature Book Cufflinks
The Great Gatsby Miniature Book Cufflinks
Custom Miniature Book Cufflinks
The Phantom Tollbooth Miniature Book Cufflinks
Custom Miniature Book Cufflinks

Custom Miniature Book Cufflinks

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Inspired by books you love and wish to carry with you everywhere, our miniature books are handmade to achieve an exact replica. They are ideal for all book lovers as a gift or for yourself that will complete your own book collection. We make sure every creation is made with love and care, making us proud to have the most accurate miniature book charms in the market!

We carefully carve the sides of the charms, to create a real like page look. The cover is printed using the highest gsm to keep it clean and crisp. We add a protective layer, to make sure the charms last longer. The thickness of our charms are exactly proportional to the physical book to create a more realistic effect.Remember: After ordering, send us a message and simply attach pictures of the book covers or graphic designs. If you don't, we will cancel the order, so please attach the pictures.

Remember: After ordering, send us an email  fromnewleaf.enquiry@gmail.com and simply attach a picture of the book cover or graphic design. If you don't, we will cancel the order, so please attach a picture. Thank You!
If you're an author and would like this custom mini book piece, then send us a message of the full book cover of your book after or before ordering.

These are made to order, please allow 1-2 weeks to make and ship the items.

►They are made out of polymer clay, the sides are made to look like real pages and the covers are printed on high quality glossy photo paper. The covers are protected by an extra layer, this makes it water resistant and strong for daily ruff and tuff.

►The books do not open!

►Each charm has a silver eye pin and silver cufflinks.

►Cufflink details:
Length of bar 25mm
Length of middle part 17mm
Length of end bar 17mm

►The miniature book charms are approximately 1 inch tall and the width and depth is proportional to this height.

-If you want a different dimension for your miniature book, just contact us.

-Actual Products may vary from the photos.

-We also gift wrap orders labelled as gifts for FREE!

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